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Track 29 (a rare Gary Oldman film) for sale!!!

Hiya peeps

I come bearing Gary-related news. For all those who want a cheapish copy of “Track 29” I know that everytime it comes on ebay, a lot of people go for it LOL), go here:

I know what this sounds like: that all 24 copies are chap copies (there should be 25 but I bought one) but they are not. They came in quick time (bought it on Wednesday and it was in my hands today). The complete price for each disc is nearly 8 euro (about £6. Best to check a currency converter like on Yahoo first). The film is full screen and the audio is English. This film can go for up to £15 on ebay so to get it for £6 on Buy it Now for EXACTLY the same disc (trust me Ive checked!)- what a bargain!!

The only problem is that they are region 2 so if your DVD player cant play this region, well there’s no point in buying it.

Anyway now I have got a DVD of it, my VHS copy is of no use so Im selling it. I could do it via Ebay but Id thought I’d try on LJ or GJ first. It’s full screen, in good condition (I look after my VHS and DVDs as if they were my babies!) and it’s also PAL so before asking, make sure your VCR can play PAL videos.

I’m opening this offer until this Friday and the person who can give me the best price…well then it’s yours. That’s excluding postage and packaging which will cost £2.

So if you want a DVD of the film, go to the ebay link (remember, the seller is not me but if you look at the purchase history, I am the first person to buy a disc :-))

For the VHS, ask little old me.

Blessed Be!

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