Serade Black (serade_black) wrote in gariusblack,
Serade Black

This is getting silly. I'm ready to throw up over this issue.
Is he gonna or are they gonna cut his character out, completely....

NEW SCRIPT (they butchered) behind the cut for Movie 5 and 6.

Remus: Harry, welcome to Grimmauld Place
Harry: Amazing..where'd it come from? Who lived here?
Remus: Oh, we can't tell you that. Infact, why don't we just cut to the chase and say it's yours!
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wtff..this is getting rediculous..All of this news over this'd think WB would sign him officially.
I find it really hard to believe that they would cut out the character of Sirius Black. And I'm finding it really hard to believe that JKR would really stand for that. Sirius' roll in the 5th book is important, and that also carries over into the 6th book.
I don't think that Gary Oldman would not want to be in the 5th movie.

UGH i hope that this will all work out.
Agreed. JKR was crying when she did "the deed" and sent our darling boy off to oblivion. She hated to do it. She didn't mean to do it. There's got to be SOMETHING brewing in her robe sleeves....
he'll be back ;)